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5 key habits of a successful entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 12

Ever wondered what the secret habits are to drive success?

The truth is, successful entrepreneurs have no top-secret habits. We are all capable of adopting the simple key habits they believe drive success. Some of us just may not realise how powerful they can be…


Sleep is reported as one of the most important aspects of brain function. Unfortunately getting a good night’s sleep is not always so easy for everyone – especially busy entrepreneurs who would rather work than sleep. But if you aim to become a successful entrepreneur, sleep is something you’re going to want to prioritise.

Did you know that lack of adequate sleep can cause your brain to age quickly, and in turn, cause mental sluggishness? Successful entrepreneurs must be alert and raring to go, and no matter what you may think, 10 cups of coffee won’t do you any good. Adequate sleep is the only really effective way to boost your memory and improve concentration, productivity and performance.


All budding entrepreneurs are curious, but the key to becoming a successful one is staying curious. Curiosity is one way to channel out-of-the-box thinking and promotes an active state of mind. Being curious about something may lead to answers and answers lead to problem solving. If you feel you need to boost your curiosity, read more books, meet new people, or learn a new language. It’s something that’ll prove you’re interested and passionate. Have you ever met an disinterested or impassionate entrepreneur? Probably not.

Set goals

Imagine a life with no goals… how would we ever move forward? We’ve all heard of the importance of goal setting, but surprisingly, only a small number of people actually do it consistently. On the surface, goals are just something you aim for, but they are so much more powerful than that. Goal setting is the number one way to improve and guide your focus. You’re ultimately providing yourself with some direction. Having goals prompts you to take action and work towards something. You aim to achieve your goals, so your motivation increases too. Consistent goal-setting and achieving is sure to lead to success.

Time management

Most of us complain that there is not enough time in a day. However, through managing your time more effectively, you’ll realise this is not entirely true. When you learn to manage your time better, you’ll notice that you’re achieving more in a shorter space of time. It allows you to improve your ability to focus, and greater focus means greater efficiency. How is your time management? Are you usually always on time, or are you late? Do you find yourself juggling multiple tasks at the same time?

Improve your time management by:

· Starting your day right

· Creating rational daily goals

· Prioritising certain tasks

· Making time for yourself


Believe it or not, but self-care really does matter when it comes to business success. Successful entrepreneurs can likely boast of good health, great productivity, manageable stress levels, and most importantly, a positive frame of mind, all thanks to self-care. Self-care is vital for maintaining all of these factors. No one can truly succeed without taking care of themselves – if you can’t take care of yourself first, how are you supposed to take care of anything else?

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