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5 steps to recruiting the right people for your franchise

Updated: Feb 12

One of the top challenges for all franchisees is often recruiting the right people. Recruitment can often seem a complex process. However, finding the right employees for your franchise should be a priority and you should want to get recruitment right the first time to avoid any wasted time.

We believe in the saying, ‘People buy people’. The people within a franchise can be the key difference between a failing franchise and a successful one, so make sure you get recruitment right the first time by following these steps.

Plan a recruitment strategy

The first step of the recruitment process is outlining a recruitment strategy. This is a formal plan of action which includes how you will successfully recognise, recruit and hire the best potential candidates for your franchise. Outlining a defined strategy early on can offer many benefits and make the whole recruitment process run smoothly. A well-planned strategy is key to good organisation and can help franchisees realise exactly who and what they really need.


Advertisements give potential candidates further information on who and what you’re looking for. These are going to attract potential employees, so franchisees should consider precisely tailoring advertisements to ensure they are targeting their desired candidates. Franchisees must know where exactly to advertise the job. For example; Trade magazines, recruitment websites, social media, online communities and traditional, offline channels too.

Advertisements for franchise recruitment must be done correctly, if not, the recruitment process could become a lot longer if people are applying who do not meet the specific requirements.

The interview

Sure, interviews can be nerve-wracking for interviewees, but they can be just as challenging for the interviewer as well. It’s a chance for employers to assess applicants, and ultimately determine if they are fit for the position. Employers must really make the most of this opportunity to get to know the candidate.

However, it can often be the case that some employers don’t really know what questions to ask or what to look out for, and this stage can sometimes be rushed through. As well as asking generic questions, such as strengths, weaknesses and experience, employers must think outside the box. What do you want to know that applies to your specific business or industry? Competency based questions can also be a good insight into the candidate’s experience and background.

Franchisees should also remember to interview a range of candidates, never just one or two. Although the interviewing stage shouldn’t necessarily be dragged out, it should never be rushed either.

Selecting the right candidate

Following the interview stage. It’s time to choose the right person. Who came across best in their interview? Did their skills and experience match the job requirements?

Like the interview process, the selection stage can also often be rushed, usually because employers want to take on someone quick. It should go without saying, but there is a lot to consider before taking on a new member of staff. Some franchisees might carry out background checks, whilst others may conduct further interviews if they are still unsure. It’s important to take your time to consider all candidates qualities. Involve other people in your organization to get a second, third or even fourth opinion if necessary!

Train thoroughly

Lastly, once you have officially recruited the best candidate, it’s then up to you to properly train them. Without adequate training, the person cannot be expected to do their job to their very best. So, ensure you follow any guidelines set out by the franchisor when it comes to training staff. It is much easier to spend time at the start training up an employee in best practice, than throwing them into a job half-trained. Don’t skip this step and you will reap the results!

Franchise Moves will help you find the best people for key roles in your business, and can fully assist with the recruitment process.

With nearly 20 years in the franchise industry, we’ve been successful franchisors ourselves, we’ve run a national network of commercial recruitment agencies, and we continue to make award-winning waves as one of the UK’s leading bfa accredited franchise consultancies with its own franchisee recruitment division.

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