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Your Town or City doesn’t need another fast food store or sandwich shop. There are plenty already, in fact, there are almost certainly too many. At SALAID we believe we are at the cutting edge of a revolution in fast, fresh, food to go dining. If you’ve been waiting for a food franchise opportunity with huge potential and prime territories available, then wait no more!

SALAID is a whole new way to eat. Our salads are made with an incredible variety of fresh, delicious ingredients to make you feel happy, healthy and full all at the same time.

Eating salad as part of a balance diet can have lots of health benefits.  What a lot of people don't realise however, is that pre-packed salads can be up to three days old by the time you pick them off the shelf – goodbye freshness, goodbye nutrients!


At SALAID however, everything is prepared right infront of your eyes– hello freshness, hello nutrients, hello healthy taste sensation!


Build your perfect salad from more than 50 seasonal fresh toppings and variety of delicious salad bases - or choose a SALAID classic from our chefs recommended menu!

Our highly skilled choppers will then toss and chop your salad ingredients together right in front of you, giving you the full SALAID experience. Then, complete the story by choosing your dressing from our 15 homemade signature dressings.


You’re now ready to enjoy the best salad you’ve ever had – all your favourite ingredients in every mouthful and no large pieces of lettuce and dressing falling on your clothes!

Sure, a good salad can be a ‘healthy choice’, but for us, the key words for SALAID are actually ‘fresh and delicious’ – the fact that our menu is also super healthy is just a welcome bonus!

If you would like to talk to us about a Master Franchise opportunity with SALAID please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to